Monday, July 11, 2011


Buenas noches! Me gusta gimanstico!

Tonight I felt like practicing a few cartwheels in the house.

Stretchin' it out.

About to go!



Outfit details: 2007 limited edition Senior Luau shirt, Target plaid sleep shorts.

As a treat for the Bonjour it's Jinah readers, I decided to post an entirely new outfit! I rarely wear these shorts as the ribbon tie wrinkles easily and is too much of a hassle to keep flat. I actually received these shorts as a birthday gift from an old roommate. I am actually not sure if they are from Target but she seemed like a Target gift-shopper. They are cute nonetheless and a bit dressier than my normal shorts.

Muchas gracias bonitas! Espero que te gusta mi blog!

Hasta luego!

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