Saturday, June 18, 2011

midnight snack

Hola! Lo siento que no he escrito en mi blog!

(Sorry I haven't written in my blog!)

But luckily you guys get a special post! Before I share my outfit, can you guys guess what I chose for Randler's and my midnight snack?

mmm Apple Jacks.

Outfit details: homemade tie-dye t-shirt, random towel, and pink Forever21 athletic shorties. This tie-dye shirt is kinda vintage so you can try to make one yourself at home with an old undershirt maybe. The towel is also vintage so try your next door Goodwill. The shorts I must admit are found at most Forever21's, depending on the season.

To update, I wore that Dance Marathon shirt from the last post for only 2 days. This shirt, again only two days.

Buenas noches!!

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